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The root Hwr (ح و ر) occurs 13 times in Quran, in 5 derived forms:
  • 1 times as form VI verbal noun tHawr
  • 1 times as verb yHwr
  • 2 times as form III verb yHawr
  • 4 times as noun Hwr
  • 5 times as noun Hwarywn



GOD has indeed heard the words of her who pleads with thee concerning her husband, and complains Unto God.* And God does hear what you both have to say:* verily, God is all-hearing, all-seeing.
for, behold, he never thought that he would have to return [to God].



And so [the man] had fruit in abundance. And [one day] he said to his friend, bandying words with him, "More wealth have I than thou, and mightier am I as regards [the number and power of my] followers!"
And his friend answered him in the course of their argument: "Wilt thou blaspheme against Him who has created thee out of dust,* and then out of a drop of sperm, and in the end has fashioned thee into a [complete] man?
Thus shall it be. And We shall pair them with companions pure, most beautiful of eye.*
reclining on couches [of happiness] ranged in rows!"* And [in that paradise] We shall mate them with companions pure, most beautiful of eye.*
[There the blest will live with their] companions pure* and modest, in pavilions [splendid] -
And [with them will be their] companions pure, most beautiful of eye,*
And when Jesus became aware of their refusal to acknowledge the truth,* he asked: "Who will be my helpers in God's cause?" The white-garbed ones* replied: "We shall be [thy] helpers [in the cause] of God! We believe in God: and bear thou witness that we have surrendered ourselves unto Him!
AND [remember the time] when I inspired the white-garbed ones:* Believe in Me and in My Apostle!" They answered: "We believe; and bear Thou witness that we have surrendered ourselves [unto Thee]."
[And,] lo, the white-garbed ones said: "O Jesus, son of Mary! Could thy Sustainer send down unto us a repast from heaven?"* [Jesus] answered: "Be conscious of God, if you are [truly] believers!"
O YOU who have attained to faith! Be helpers [in the cause of God - even as Jesus, the son of Mary, said unto the white-garbed ones,* "Who will be my helpers in God's cause?" - whereupon the white-garbed [disciples] replied, "We shall be [thy] helpers [in the cause] of God!" And so [it happened that] some of the children of Israel came to believe [in the apostleship of Jesus], whereas others denied the truth.* But [now] We have given strength against their foes unto those who have [truly] attained to faith:* and they have become the ones that shall prevail.