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The root Sly (ص ل ي) occurs 25 times in Quran, in 8 derived forms:
  • 1 times as active noun Sal
  • 1 times as form II verb Sl
  • 1 times as noun Sly
  • 1 times as form II verbal noun tSlyẗ
  • 2 times as active noun Salwa
  • 2 times as form VIII verb tSTl
  • 4 times as form IV verb aSly
  • 13 times as verb ySly



unless it be such as rushes towards the blazing fire [of his own accord]!*
and then let him enter hell,



for, indeed, We know best as to which of them is most deserving of the fires of hell.*



and the heat of a blazing fire!
[And they will say to one another: “Do you see] this crowd of people who rushed headlong [into sin] with you?* No welcome to them! Verily, they [too] shall have to endure the fire!"*
and then, behold, they shall enter the blazing fire
Lo! [While lost in the desert,] Moses said to his family:* “Behold, I perceive a fire [far away]; I may bring you from there some tiding [as to which way we arc to pursue], or bring you [at least] a burning brand so that you might warm yourselves."


And when Moses had fulfilled his term and was wandering with his family [in the desert], he per­ceived a fire on the slope of Mount Sinai;* [and so] he said to his family: “Wait here. Behold, I perceive a fire [far away]; perhaps I may bring you from there some tiding,* or [at least] a burning brand from the fire, so that you might warm yourselves.



And as for him who does this with malicious intent and a will to do wrong* - him shall We, in time, cause to endure [suffering through] fire: for this is indeed easy for God.
for, verily, those who are bent on denying the truth of Our messages We shall, in time, cause to endure fire: [and] every time their skins are burnt off, We shall replace them with new skins, so that they may taste suffering [in full]* Verily, God is almighty, wise.
But as for him who, after guidance has been vouchsafed to him, cuts himself off from the Apostle and follows a path other than that of the believers - him shall We leave unto that which he himself has chosen,* and shall cause him to endure hell: and how evil a journey's end!
[Hence,] I shall cause him to endure hell-fire [in the life to come]!*
Behold, those who sinfully devour the posses­sions of orphans but fill their bellies with fire: for [in the life to come] they will have to endure a blazing flame!
- hell - which they [themselves] will ' have to endure?* And how vile a state to settle in!
Unto him who cares for [no more than the enjoyment of] this fleeting life We readily grant thereof as much as We please, [giving] to whomever it is Our will [to give]; but in the end We consign him to [the suffering of] hell;* which he will have to endure disgraced and disowned!
endure it today as an outcome of your persistent denial of the truth!"
hell will they have to endure - and how vile a resting-place!
Endure it [now]! But [whether you] bear yourselves with patience or without patience, it will be the same to you: you are but being requited for what you were wont to do."*
Art thou not aware of such as have been for­bidden [to intrigue through] secret confabulations,* and yet [always] revert to that which they have been forbidden, and conspire with one another with a view to sinful doings, and aggressive conduct, and dis­obedience to the Apostle?* Now whenever such [people] approach thee, [O Muhammad,]* they salute thee with a greeting which God has never countenanced;* and they say to themselves, “Why does not God chastise us for what we are saying?"* Hell shall be their allotted portion: they shall [in­deed] enter it - and how vile a journey's end!
[a fire] which they shall enter on Judgment Day,
but he will enter the blazing flame.
he who [in the life to come] shall have to endure the great fire
about to enter a glowing fire,
[the fire] which none shall have to endure but that most hapless wretch
[In the life to come] he shall have to endure a fire fiercely glowing;*