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The root gdw (غ د و) occurs 16 times in Quran, in 5 derived forms:
  • 1 times as noun ğdaa
  • 2 times as noun ğdwaẗ
  • 3 times as verb ğd
  • 5 times as noun ğd
  • 5 times as noun ğdw



And after the two had walked some distance, [Moses] said to his servant: "Bring us our mid-day meal; we have indeed suffered hardship on this [day of] our journey!"
Hence, repulse not [any of] those who at morn and evening invoke their Sustainer, seeking His countenance.* Thou art in no wise accountable for them-just as they are in no wise accountable for thee* -and thou hast therefore no right to repulse them: for then thou wouldst be among the evildoers.*
And contain thyself in patience by the side of all who at morn and at evening invoke their Sustainer, seeking His countenance, and let not thine eyes pass beyond them in quest of the beauties of this world's life;* and pay no heed to any whose heart We have rendered heedless of all remembrance of Us* because he had always followed [only] his own desires, abandoning all that is good and true.*
AND [remember, O Prophet, the day] when thou didst set out from thy home at early morn to place the believers in battle array.* And God was all-hearing, all-knowing
"Go early to your tilth if you want to harvest the fruit!"
– and early they went, strongly bent upon their purpose.
Let him go out with us tomorrow, that he may enjoy himself and play: and, verily, we shall guard him well!"
AND NEVER say about anything, "Behold, I shall do this tomorrow,"


Verily, with God alone rests the knowledge of when the Last Hour will come: and He [it is who] sends down rain; and He [alone] knows what is in the wombs:* whereas no one knows what he will reap tomorrow, and no one knows in what land he will die, Verily. God [alone] is all-knowing, all-aware.
[And God said:] “On the morrow they will come to know who the boastful liar is!*
O YOU who have attained to faith! Remain conscious of God; and let every human being look to what he sends ahead for the morrow! And [once again]: Remain conscious of God, for God is fully aware of all that you do;
And bethink thyself of thy Sustainer humbly and with awe, and without raising thy voice, at morn and at evening; and do not allow thyself to be heedless.
And before God prostrate themselves, willingly or unwillingly, all [things and beings] that are in the heavens and on earth,* as do their shadows in the mornings and the evenings.*
IN THE HOUSES [of worship] which God has allowed to be raised so that His name be remembered in them,* there [are such as] extol His limitless glory at morn and evening –
AND UNTO Solomon [We made subservient] the wind: its morning course [covered the distance of] a month's journey, and its evening course, a month's journey.* And We caused a fountain of molten copper to flow at his behest;* and [even] among the invisible beings there were some that had [been constrained] to labour for him by his Sustainer's leave* and whichever of them deviated from Our command, him would We let taste suffering through a blazing flame -:
the fire [of the hereafter - that fire] which they had been made to contemplate [in vain], morning and evening:* for on the Day when the Last Hour dawns [God will say], “Make Phar­aoh's folk enter upon suffering most severe!"