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    • mHw
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The root mHw (م ح و) occurs 3 times in Quran, in 1 derived forms:
  • 3 times as verb mHw



God annuls or confirms whatever He wills [of His earlier messages] -for with Him is the source of all revelation.*
And We have established the night and the day as two symbols;* and thereupon We have effaced the symbol of night and set up [in its place] the light giving symbol of day,* so that you might seek to obtain your Sustainer's bounty and be aware of the passing years* and of the reckoning [that is bound to come]. For clearly, most clearly, have We spelt out everything!*
DO THEY, perchance, say, "[Muhammad] has attri­buted his own lying inventions to God"? But then, had God so willed, He could have sealed thy heart [forever]: for God blots out all falsehood, and by His words proves the truth to be true.* Verily, He has full knowledge of what is in the hearts [of men];