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The root rhq (ر ه ق) occurs 10 times in Quran, in 3 derived forms:
  • 2 times as noun rhq
  • 3 times as form IV verb yrhq
  • 5 times as verb yrhq



Yet [it has always happened] that certain kinds of humans would seek refuge with certain kinds of [such] invisible forces:* but these only increased their confusion –


Hence, as soon as we heard this [call to His] guidance, we came to believe in it: and he who believes in his Sustainer need never have fear of loss or injustice.



Said [Moses]: "Take-me not to task for my having forgotten [myself], and be not hard on me on account of what I have done!"
"And as for that young man, his parents were [true] believers - whereas we had every reason to fear* that he would bring bitter grief upon them by [his] overweening wickedness and denial of all truth:
[and so] I shall constrain him to endure a painful uphill climb!*
For those who persevere in doing good there is the ultimate good in store, and more [than that].* No darkness and no ignominy will overshadow their faces [on Resurrection Day]: it is they who are destined for paradise, therein to abide.
But us for those who have done evil deeds - the recompense of an evil, deed shall be the like thereof:* and - since they will have none to defend them against God - ignominy will overshadow them as though their faces were veiled by the night's own darkness:* it is they who are destined for the fire. therein to abide.
downcast will be their eyes, with ignominy overwhelming them - seeing that they had been called upon [in vain] to prostrate themselves [before Him] while they were yet sound [and alive].
with downcast eyes, with ignominy overwhelming them: that Day which they were promised again and…*
with darkness overspread: