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The root sTr (س ط ر) occurs 15 times in Quran, in 5 derived forms:
  • 1 times as form II active noun mSyTr
  • 1 times as form VIII passive noun mstTr
  • 1 times as verb ysTr
  • 3 times as passive noun msTwr
  • 9 times as noun asaTyr



thou canst not compel them [to believe].*



and everything [that man does], be it small or great, is recorded [with God].



Nun.* CONSIDER the pen, and all that they write [therewith]!*



And [bear in mind:] there is no community which We will not destroy before the Day of Resurrection,* or chastise [even earlier, if it proves sinful,] with suffering severe: all this is laid down in Our decree.*


The Prophet has a higher claim on the believers than [they have on] their own selves, [seeing that he is as a father to them] and his wives are their mothers:* and they who are [thus] closely related have, in accordance with God's decree, a higher claim upon one another than [was even the case between] the believers [of Yathrib] and those who had migrated [there for the sake of God].* None the less, you are to act with utmost goodness towards your [other] close friends as well:* this [too] is written down in God's decree.


Consider [God's] revelation, inscribed



And there are among them such as [seem to] listen to thee [O Prophet]: but over their hearts We have laid veils which prevent them from grasping the truth, and into their ears, deafness.* And were they to see every sign [of the truth], they would still not believe in it-so much so that when they come unto thee to contend with thee, those who are bent on denying the truth say, "This is nothing but fables of ancient times!"
And whenever Our messages were conveyed to them, they would say, "We have heard [all this] before; if we wanted, we could certainly compose sayings like these [ourselves]: they are nothing but fables of ancient times!"*
and [who], whenever they are asked, "What is it that your Sustainer has bestowed from on high?"-are wont to answer, "Fables of ancient times!"*
Indeed, this [very thing] we have been promised - we and our forefathers - long ago! This is nothing but fables of ancient times!"
And they say, “Fables of ancient times which he has caused to be written down, so that they might be read out to him at morn and evening!"*
Indeed, we were promised this - we and our forefathers - in the past as well; it is nothing but fables of ancient times!"
But [there is many a one] who says to his parents [whenever they try to imbue him with faith in God]: “Fie upon both of you! Do you promise me that I shall be brought forth [from the dead], although [so many] generations have passed away before me?"* And [while] they both pray for God's help [and say], “Alas for thee! For, behold, God's promise always comes true!" - he but answers, “All this is nothing but fables of ancient times!"
that, whenever Our messages are conveyed to him, such a one says, "Fables of ancient times"?*
[and so,] whenever Our messages are conveyed to them, they but say, "Fables of ancient times!"