Transliteration of the Qur'an

Note: This transliteration has been taken from MSA-USC in accordance with their copying policy (which, at the time of writing was at, which follows:

Islam forbids theft, including theft of the valuable commodity of information. For this reason, MSA-USC strives to place materials online which are in the public domain, or copyrighted materials for which permission has been explicitly granted to our group to place online. We note that permission for MSA-USC does not translate to permission for everyone, but read on.

All materials in MSA-USC's WWW site are available for public use and downloading with one condition: THEY MAY NOT BE USED TO GAIN ANY SORT OF FINANCIAL PROFIT IN ANY WAY OR FORM.

You can find more about MSA here: Their preface to the transliteration is as follows:

MSA-USC would like to thank for making their transliteration of the Qur'an publicly available.

"We would like to emphasize that this [transliteration] text is not a substitute for the original Arabic Qur'an. It is only an attempt to help those who are trying to learn to read the Arabic text, since it is as close to the written text as possible.

It is important to practice pronouncing the letters as directed in the transliteration table, especially the underlined letters, before starting to read. It will be helpful if an Arabic speaker can help you.

This work is free for use to everyone as long as no changes that might distort it are done to it. We request from those who benefit from it to pray for us. We pray to Almighty Allah to help you learn to read the Holy Qur'an, and to do every good thing."