Appendix 33
Why Did God Send A messenger Now?

As stated in 3:81, and in Appendix 2, God has sent a messenger to consolidate the messages delivered by all the prophets, purify them, and unify them into one religion: Submission. The timing is certainly ripe for fulfillment of this important prophecy, for the following reasons:

  1. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have been corrupted beyond recognition.
  2. All God's messages have been delivered; the Quran is the Final Testament.
  3. More than 93% of the human beings destined to live in this world are yet to come. As illustrated in the Introduction, the people who have lived on this earth since Adam are only one-fifteenth of the total projected human population.


The best illustration of today's corrupted Judaism can be found in the books of a famous Rabbi; Harold S. Kushner. In his best seller WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE, Avon Books, 1981, Rabbi Kushner states the following:


..., we would be advised to take this world as seriously as we
can, in case it turns out to be the only one we will ever have, and
to look for meaning and justice here. (P. 29)

Bad things do happen to good people in this world, but it is not
God who wills it. God would like people to get what they deserve,
but He cannot always arrange it. (P. 42)

God does not reach down to interrupt the workings of laws of
nature to protect the righteous from harm. This is a second area of
our world which causes bad things to happen to good people, and God
does not cause it and cannot stop it. (P. 58)

God can't do everything, but He can do some important things.
(P. 113)

We can't ask Him to make us immune to disease, because He can't
do that. (P. 125)

I recognize His limitations. He is limited in what He can do by
law of nature, and by the evolution of human nature and human moral
freedom. (P. 134)


If Jesus came back to life today, the Christians would crucify him. Outstanding Christian scholars have reached solid conclusions that today's Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus, and that its doctrine was mortally distorted at the infamous Nicene Conferences (325 A.D.). See THE MYTH OF GOD INCARNATE, Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1977.


If Muhammad came back to this world, the "Muslims" would stone him to death. The religion they follow today has nothing to do with the Islampreached by Abraham and Muhammad. Everything the "Muslims" do is wrong: the First Pillar (Shahaadah), the call to Salat prayer (Azan), the ablution (Wudu), the daily Salat prayers, the Zakat charity, Hajj,and all other practices of Islam (see Appendices 2, 13, & 15).

"A Religion Never Authorized by God" (42:21)

The extent to which Islam (Submission) has been corrupted is illustrated in the following table:

Islamic Practice Today Violated Quranic Principle
Hadith & Sunna .  6:19, 38, 114; 7:1; 12:111;
17:46; 31:6; 45:6; 69:38;
plus more.
Killing whomever they consider an apostate. 2:256; 4:90; 10:99; 18:29;
Vicious criminal justice system: 
Cutting off the hand of the thief. 
Stoning the adulterers to death. 
Killing anyone who does not observe Salat.
Killing one who drinks alcohol for the 4th time.
5:38, 12:31
4:25, 24:2.
2:256, 18:29
2:256, 18:29.
Forbidding menstruating women from worshiping. 2:222.
Forbidding women from the Friday Prayer. 62:9
Idolizing Muhammad against his will: 
calling him "the most honorable messenger". 
claiming that he was infallible.
4:79; 9:117; 17:73;
33:37; 40:66, 66:1; 80:1
setting up his tomb as a "Sacred Mosque" 2:149-150.
claiming that he possesses power of
2:48,123,254; 6:70; 7:53;
10:3; 39:44; 43:86; 74:48.
inventing an indefensible story about his ascension 
to the heavens on a horse, at the speed of light, 
and talking God out of 50 Salat prayers. At 
the speed of light, he would still be traveling 
within the Milky Way Galaxy.
17:1; 53:1.
Adding his name in the Salat prayers & Azan. 20:14; 72:18.
Adding his name to the First Pillar of Islam. 3:18; 37:35; 39:45
Insulting Muhammad by depicting him as a 
vicious man: they claim he gouged out 
people's eyes claiming he possessed sexual 
power of 30 men.
3:159; 68:4. 18:110; 25:20.
Nullifying the fact that Muhammad was the 
last prophet: by teaching that Jesus will come back 
to this world. This makes Jesus the last prophet.
Claiming that Muhammad was illiterate, 
see Appendix 28 of Dr. Khalifa's 
translation of the Quran
A bizarre dietary system with multitudes of 
6:145-150; 16:115
Altering the Sacred Months. 9:37.
Neglecting the Zakat charity through distortion. 6:141, Appendix 15.
Oppressing women and forcing them to wear head-covers and unreasonable clothes; and 
depriving them of many of their  rights in 
marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc.
2:228; 3:195;

4:19; 9:71.

Insulting women by instituting that
"if a monkey, dog, or a woman passes in front of a praying person, his prayer is nullified" (Hadith).
Not in the Quran
Inventing numerous rules from ablution, to 
prayer, to sleeping, to cutting one's nails...etc.
2:67-71; 5:101; 42:21.
Prohibiting gold and silk for men. 5:48-49; 7:31.
Prohibiting music and the arts. 7:32; 34:13; 42:21
Ridiculing Islam by accepting statements 
by the scholars that the earth is built on top
of a giant whale!! (Ibn Kathir, 1200 AD 
& Ben Baz, 1975 AD)

This is only a minute sample of the violations committed by the "Muslims" on a daily basis. This is why God has sent His Messenger of the Covenant now.