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The root fkh (ف ك ه) occurs 19 times in Quran, in 5 derived forms:
  • 1 times as noun fkhyn
  • 1 times as form V verb tfkh
  • 3 times as active noun fakhyn
  • 3 times as noun fwakh
  • 11 times as noun fakhẗ



and whenever they return to people of their own kind,* they return full of jests;



[For,] were it Our will, We could indeed turn it into chaff, and you would be left to wonder [and to lament],



“Behold, those who are destined for paradise shall today have joy in whatever they do:


and [all that] life of ease in which they used to delight!


rejoicing in all that their Sustainer will have granted them: for their Sustainer will have warded off from them all suffering through the blazing fire.
And by means of this [water] We bring forth for you gardens of date-palms and vines, wherein you have fruit abundant and whereof you eat,
as the fruits [of their life on earth]; and honoured shall they be
and [partake of] whatever fruit they may desire;
[only] delight will there be for them, and theirs shall be all that they could ask for:
wherein they will recline, [and] wherein they may [freely] call for many a fruit and drink,
fruits [of those deeds] shall you have in abundance, [and] thereof shall you partake!
In that [paradise] they shall [rightfully] claim all the fruits [of their past deeds],* resting in security;
And We shall bestow on them fruit and meat in abundance - whatever they may desire:
with fruit thereon, and palm trees with sheathed clusters [of dates],
In [each of] these two will two kinds of every fruit be [found].*
In both of them will be [all kinds of] fruit, and date-palms and pomegranates.
and with fruit of any kind that they may choose,
and fruit abounding,
and fruits and herbage,