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The root zbr (ز ب ر) occurs 11 times in Quran, in 3 derived forms:
  • 1 times as noun zbr
  • 3 times as proper noun zbwr
  • 7 times as noun zbr



Bring me ingots of iron!" Then, after he had [piled up the iron and] filled the gap between the two mountain-sides, he said: "[Light a fire and] ply your bellows!"* At length, when he had made it [glow like] fire, he commanded: "Bring me molten copper which I may pour upon it."
BEHOLD, We have inspired thee [O Prophet] just as We inspired Noah and all the prophets after him - as We inspired Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and their descendants, including Jesus and Job, and Jonah, and Aaron, and Solomon; and as We vouchsafed unto David a book of divine wisdom;*


seeing that thy Sustainer is fully aware of [what is in the minds of] all beings that are in the heavens and on earth. But, indeed, We did endow some of the prophets more highly than others* -just as We bestowed upon David a book of divine wisdom [in token of Our grace]*


AND, INDEED, after having exhorted [man],* We laid it down in all the books of divine wisdom that My righteous servants shall inherit the earth:*
And if they give thee the lie - even so, before thy time, have [other] apostles been given the lie when they came with all evidence of the truth, and with books of divine wisdom, and with light-giving revelation.
[and they will tell you that their prophets, too, were but mortal men whom We had endowed] with all evidence of the truth and with books of divine wisdom.* And upon thee [too] have We bestowed from on high this reminder, so that thou might make clear unto mankind all that has ever been thus bestowed upon them,* and that they might take thought.
But they (who claim to follow you) have torn their unity wide asunder,* piece by piece, each group delighting in [but] what they themselves possess [by way of tenets].*
And, verily, [the essence of] this [revelation] is indeed found in the ancient books of divine wisdom [as well].*
And if they give thee the lie - even so gave the lie to the truth [many of] those who lived before their time, [when] there came unto them their apostles with all evidence of the truth, and with books of divine wisdom, and with light-giving revelation;
ARE, THEN, those of you who [now] deny the truth* better than those others - or have you, per­chance, [been promised] immunity in the [ancient] books of [divine] wisdom?*


[They were truly guilty] because all [the evil] that they ever did had been [revealed to them as such] in the [ancient] books of [divine] wisdom;*