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The root rhT (ر ه ط) occurs 3 times in Quran, in 1 derived forms:
  • 3 times as noun rhT



[But his people] said: "O Shu'ayb! We cannot grasp the purport of much of what thou sayest;* on the other hand, behold, we do see clearly how- weak thou art in our midst:"* and were it not for thy family, we would have most certainly stoned thee to death, considering that thou hast no power over us!"
Said he: "O my people! Do you hold my family in greater esteem than God? -for, Him you regard as something that may be cast behind you and be forgotten!* Verily, my Sustainer encompasses [with His might] all that you do!
Now there were in the city nine men who were wont to commit deeds of depravity all over the land, and would not reform;*