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The root Ey$ (ع ي ش) occurs 8 times in Quran, in 4 derived forms:
  • 1 times as noun mAaş
  • 2 times as noun Ayşẗ
  • 2 times as noun mAayş
  • 3 times as noun mAyşẗ



and made the day [a symbol of] life.*



And so he will find himself in a happy state of life,
shall find himself in a happy' state of life;
YEA, INDEED, [O men,] We have given you a [bountiful] place on earth, and appointed thereon means of livelihood for you: [yet] how seldom are you grateful!
and provided thereon means of livelihood for you [O men] as well as for all [living beings] whose sustenance does not depend on you.*
But as for him who shall turn away from remembering Me - his shall be a life of narrow scope* and on the Day of Resurrection We shall raise him up blind."
And how many a community that [once] exult­ed in its wanton wealth and ease of life have We destroyed, so that those dwelling-places of theirs – all but a few - have never been dwelt-in after them: for it is indeed We alone who shall remain when all else will have passed away!*
But is it they who distribute thy Sustainer's grace? [Nay, as] it is We who distribute their means of livelihood among them in the life of this world, and raise some of them by degrees above others, to the end that they might avail themselves of one another's help - [so, too, it is We who bestow gifts of the spirit upon whomever We will]: and this thy Sustainer's grace is better than all [the worldly wealth] that they may amass.