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The root bls (ب ل س) occurs 5 times in Quran, in 2 derived forms:
  • 1 times as form IV verb ybls
  • 4 times as form IV active noun mblswn



And when the last Hour dawns, those who were lost in sin will be broken in spirit
Then, when they had forgotten all that they had been told to take to heart, We threw open to them the gates of all [good] things* until -even as they were rejoicing in what they had been granted - We suddenly took them to task: and lo! they were broken in spirit;*


until We open before them a gate of [truly] severe suffering [in the life to come]: and then, lo! they will be broken in spirit.*


even though a short while ago, [just] before it was sent down upon them, they had abandoned all hope!


it will not be lightened for them; and therein they will be lost in hopeless despair.