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The root krr (ك ر ر) occurs 6 times in Quran, in 1 derived forms:
  • 6 times as noun krẗ



And then those followers shall say: "Would that we had a second chance [in life],* so that we could disown them as they have disowned us!" Thus will God show them their works [in a manner that will cause them] batter regrets; but they will not come out of the fire.*
And after a time We allowed you to prevail against them once again,* and aided you with wealth and offspring, and made you more numerous [than ever].
Would that we had a second chance [in life],* so that we could be among the believers!"
or lest he should say, when he becomes aware of the suffering [that awaits him], “Would that I had a second chance [in life], so that I could be among the doers of good!"*
Yea, turn thy vision [upon it] again and yet again: [and every time] thy vision will fall back upon thee, dazzled and truly defeated….*
[And] they add, "That, then, would be a return with loss!"*