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    • q*f
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The root q*f (ق ذ ف) occurs 9 times in Quran, in 1 derived forms:
  • 9 times as verb qźf



Place him in a chest and throw it into the river, and thereupon the river will cast him ashore, [and] one who is an enemy unto Me and an enemy unto him will adopt him.* "And [thus early] I spread Mine Own love over thee -and [this] in order that thou might be formed under Mine eye.*
They answered: "We did not break our promise to thee of our own free will, but [this is what happened:] we were loaded with the [sinful] burdens of the [Egyptian] people's ornaments, and so we threw them [into the fire],* and likewise did this Samaritan cast [his into it]."
Nay, but [by the very act of creation] We hurl the truth against falsehood,* and it crushes the latter: and lo! it withers away.* But woe unto you for all your [attempts at] defining [God] –*
and He brought down from their strongholds those of the followers of earlier reve­lation who had aided the aggressors,* and cast terror into their hearts: some you slew, and some you made captive;
Say: “Verily, my Sustainer hurls the truth [against all that is false]* He who fully knows all the things that are beyond the reach of a created being's perception!"
seeing that aforetime they had been bent on denying the truth, and had been wont to cast scorn, from far away, on something that was beyond the reach of human perception?*
[so that] they [who seek to learn the unknowable] should not be able to overhear the host on high,* but shall be repelled from all sides,
He it is who turned out of their homes, at the time of [their] first gathering [for war], such of the followers of earlier revelation as were bent on denying the truth.* You did not think [O believers] that they would depart [without resistance] - just as they thought that their strongholds would protect them against God: but God came upon them in a manner which they had not expected,* and cast terror into their hearts; [and thus] they destroyed their homes by their own hands as well as the hands of the believers.* Learn a lesson, then, O you who are endowed with insight!