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The root ha`ruwn (ه ر و ن) occurs 20 times in Quran, in 1 derived forms:
  • 20 times as proper noun harwn



And their prophet said unto them: "Behold, it shall be a sign of his [rightful] dominion that you will be granted a heart* endowed by your Sustainer with inner peace and with all that is enduring in the angel-borne heritage left behind by the House of Moses and the House of Aaron.* Herein, behold, there shall indeed be a sign for you if you are [truly] believers."
BEHOLD, We have inspired thee [O Prophet] just as We inspired Noah and all the prophets after him - as We inspired Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and their descendants, including Jesus and Job, and Jonah, and Aaron, and Solomon; and as We vouchsafed unto David a book of divine wisdom;*
And We bestowed upon him Isaac and Jacob; and We guided each of them as We had guided Noah aforetime. And out of his offspring, [We bestowed prophethood upon] David, and Solomon, and Job, and Joseph, and Moses, and Aaron: for thus do We reward the doers of good;
the Sustainer of Moses and Aaron!"


AND [then] We appointed for Moses thirty nights [on Mount Sinai ]; and We added to them ten, whereby the term of forty nights set bye, his Sustainer was fulfilled.* And Moses said unto his brother Aaron: "Take thou my place among my people; and act righteously, and follow not the path of the spreaders of corruption."
And after those [earlier prophets] We sent Moses and Aaron with Our messages unto Pharaoh and his great ones: but they gloried in their arrogance, for they were people lost in sin.
O sister of Aaron!* Thy father was not a wicked man, nor was thy mother a loose woman!"
and [how], out of Our grace, We granted unto him his brother Aaron, to be a prophet [by his side].
Aaron, my brother.
[And so it happened* and down fell the sorcerers, prostrating themselves in adoration,* [and] exclaimed: "We have come to believe in the Sustainer of Moses and Aaron!"
And, indeed, even before [the return of Moses] had Aaron said unto them: "O .my people! You are but being tempted to evil by this [idol] -for, behold, your [only] Sustainer is the Most Gracious! Follow me, then, and obey my bidding!"*
[And now that he had come back, Moses] said: "O Aaron! What has prevented thee, when thou didst see that they had gone astray,
AND, INDEED, We vouchsafed unto Moses and Aaron [Our revelation as] the standard by which to discern the true from the false,* and as a [guiding] light and a reminder for the God-conscious
AND THEN We sent forth Moses and his brother Aaron with Our messages and a manifest authority [from Us]
AND, INDEED, [long before Muhammad] We vouchsafed revelation unto Moses, and appointed his brother Aaron to help him to bear his burden;*
and then my breast will be straitened and my tongue will not be free: send, then, [this Thy command] to Aaron.*


the Sustainer of Moses and Aaron!"


And my brother Aaron - he is far better in speech than I am.* Send him, therefore, as a helper, so that he might [more eloquently] bear witness to my speaking the truth: for I fear indeed that they will give me the lie."
THUS, INDEED, did We bestow Our favour upon Moses and Aaron;*


“Peace be upon Moses and Aaron!"