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    • k$f
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The root k$f (ك ش ف) occurs 20 times in Quran, in 5 derived forms:
  • 1 times as noun kşf
  • 1 times as active noun kaşfẗ
  • 1 times as active noun kaşfat
  • 3 times as active noun kaşf
  • 14 times as verb kşf



SAY:* "Call upon those [beings] whom you imagine [to be endowed with divine powers] beside Him* and [you will find that] they have it not in their power to remove any affliction from you, or to shift it [elsewhere]. "*
[although] none but God can unveil it....



And thus it is [with most people]: if* thou ask them, “Who is it that has created the heavens and the earth?" - they will surely answer, “God."* Say: “Have you, then, ever considered what it is that you invoke instead of God? If God wills that harm should befall me, could those [imaginary powers] remove the harm inflicted by Him? Or, if He wills that grace should alight on me, could they withhold His grace [from me]?" Say: “God is enough for me! In Him [alone] place their trust all who have trust [in His existence]."
And if God should touch thee with misfortune, there is none who could remove it but He; and if He should touch thee with good fortune -it is He who has the power to will anything:
And [know that] if God should touch thee with misfortune, there is none who could remove it save Him; and if He intends good for thee, there is none who could turn away His bounty: He causes it to alight upon whomsoever He wills of His servants. And He alone is truly forgiving, truly a dispenser of grace.
[Still,] behold, We shall postpone this suffer­ing for a little while,* although you are bound to revert [to your evil ways: but]
Nay, but it is Him alone that you will invoke - whereupon He may, if He so wills, remove that [ill] which caused you to call unto Him; and you will have forgotten all that. to which you [now] ascribe divinity side by side with Him."
And whenever a plague struck them, they would cry: "O Moses, pray for us to thy Sustainer on the strength of the covenant [of prophethood] which He has made with thee! If thou remove this plague from us, we will truly believe in thee. and will let the children of Israel go with thee!"
But whenever We removed the plague from them, giving them time to make good their promise,* lo, they would break their word.
For [thus it is:] when affliction befalls man, he cries out unto Us, whether he be lying on his side or sitting or standing;* but as soon as We have freed him of his affliction, he goes on as though he had never invoked Us to save him from the affliction* that befell him! Thus do their own doings seem goodly unto those who waste their own selves.*
For, alas,* there has never yet been any community that attained to faith [in its entirety,] and thereupon benefited by its faith, except the people of Jonah.* When they came to believe, We removed from them the suffering of disgrace [which otherwise would have befallen them even] in the life of this world, and allowed them to enjoy their life during the time allotted to them.*
yet as soon as He has removed the harm from you, lo! some of you [begin to] ascribe to other powers a share 'in their Sustainer's divinity*
whereupon We responded unto him and removed all the affliction from which he suffered; and We gave him new offspring,* doubling their number as an act of grace from Us, and as a reminder unto all who worship Us.
And even were We to show them mercy and remove whatever distress might befall them [in this life],* they would still persist in their overweening arrogance, blindly stumbling to and fro.
[After a while] she was told: “Enter this court!" - but when she saw it, she thought that it was a fathomless expanse of water, and she bared her legs.* Said he: “Behold, it is [but] a court smoothly paved with glass!"* Cried she: “O my Sustainer! I have been sinning against myself thy worshipping aught but Thee]: but [now] I have surrendered myself, with Solomon, unto the Sustainer of all the worlds!"
Nay - who is it that responds to the distressed when he calls out to Him, and who removes the ill [that caused the distress], and has made you inherit the earth?* Could there be any divine power besides God? How seldom do you keep this in mind!
But whenever We removed the suffering from them, lo! they would break their word.
O our Sustainer, relieve us of suffering, for, verily, we [now] believe [in Thee]!"
[and will be told:] “Indeed, unmindful hast thou been of this [Day of Judgment]; but now We have lifted from thee thy veil, and sharp is thy sight today!"
on the Day when man's very being shall be bared to the bone,* and when they [who now deny the truth] shall be called upon to prostrate themselves [before God],* and shall be unable to do so: